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Frozen Barriers - Sara Shirley, Paige Maroney Smith Frozen Barriers is Sara Shirley's debut novel and what a beauty it was. While it was a bit slow to take off and there was a bit of jumping around through the year, it really did take off. I'm glad that I stuck with it to the end. I would have been disappointed if I came back to it in the future without reading it through the first time.

The novel follows the intertwining lives of Emily Cameron, a figure ice skater and Jeremy Page, an ice hockey player. Jeremy has been in love with Emily since high school, yet has never been lucky enough to convince her that they should start a relationship. It's not until years later when Emily runs into a friend and they meet up again do they finally get together. Yet love is never easy and there are many things that are trying to keep them apart.

I must say Frozen Barriers was the first heavily sports themed novels that I have read. Despite not been a really sporty person, I really did enjoy this aspect of the story. The support characters were also enjoyable and are well developed for books of their own.

Frozen Barriers had me laughing, crying and swooning for the characters. I will gladly continue with the series.