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Billionaire in the Dark

Billionaire in the Dark - Eden Claire This story may be short and the first part of a series, but man does it pack a punch. What's not to love about a story that has a bit of everything.

It did start out a little bit slow of me and I was going to put it down, but I just couldn't. I had to find out more about the main characters and what their back stories were. The flash backs really helped to understand Kylie and how she had come to be at the club in the first place. She didn't really strike me as someone who would be at one of those clubs, but hey looks can be deceiving as is shown by some one the secondary characters.

The main reason I just had to keep reading was to find out just who was the man in the mask. And no he is not the phantom.

But that cliff-hanger... Need the next book like right now....