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For Her Protection (Personal Protection, #1)

For Her Protection (Personal Protection, #1) - Amber A. Bardan OMG! Hot hero alpha male and strong female lead. Yes this is the book for one. It's nice to find a strong female lead, no that won't take no shit from no one, not even the man who she may be falling for.

There was a bit of everything is this book; romance, heat, hot sex, mystery and suspense. I loved it all and it kept me hooked that I read it in one sitting.

Conner and Charlize were one hot couple. While some parts of their relationship moved a bit fast for my liking, it was easily over looked by the what was happening in the rest of the story. They felt real enough that maybe their relationship was moving at the right speed for them and no parts had being skipped over just to make the story shorter.

The whole mystery of who-done-it had me guessing til and very end. I totally didn't see who it was til it was revealed. Bonus, I don't really care when the story gives it away too early. What's the point of reading the rest when you know what's going to happen.

If you want some hot to read with a bit of mystery and suspense, then I would be recommended this for you.