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Trickiest Job (Executive Toy Book 4)

Trickiest Job (Executive Toy Book 4) - Cleo Peitsche Just when I thought I had it all figured out with Lindsay's past, the author goes and throws more secrets and mysteries into the plot. I can't take it anymore, yet I keep coming back for more. It is just that good.

Lindsay has finally returned to her home town, yet it doesn't feel like home to her because she left 'home' behind in the form of her three sexy bosses. However she thinks that they were only using her because they haven't tried to find her and make contact with her. One mistake on Lindsay's part soon leads to Slade, Romeo and Hawthorne turning up to her hotel room and demanding answers. Ya finally we get some more of the truth. It seems I've been waiting forever for this. But it was worth the wait.

So glad that the guys demanded Lindsay except their help, but in doing so she has to earn their trust. This is going to be one of the hardest things she has even had to do in her life so far.

The secrets that each of the bosses reveal at the end to gain her trust. Didn't see that coming at all.

And let's not forget the sex. Still as hot as ever.

However I still want to know what she's keeping deep down for everyone and what the 3 gentlemen have to her grandfather. Everyone still seems to have one last card up their sleeve that they don't want to play just yet. So annoying.

Dangerously Big (Executive Toy Book 3)

Dangerously Big (Executive Toy Book 3) - Cleo Peitsche Now this is what I'm talking about. The mystery and suspense is really starting to add up and I'm getting hooked with every book of this series that I read. It's an addiction.

Lindsay's past has finally started to catch up with her, now that she is enjoying life and working for her new bosses. Life seems to be finally going good and then something happens one night late at the office and suddenly she wants to run again. However she seems to be in two minds about. Lindsay really wants to tell her bosses about her past because they could help her, but doesn't want to trouble them. I really wish she would tell them, because then I would know her secret too.

And let's not forgot the hot bosses. Each one of them is slowly starting to grow on me and each for different reasons. While together they all have some VERY HOT office sex, the more time Lindsay spends with Slade, Romeo and Hawthorne individually, the more their character personal traits are revealed. Hawthorne is really starting to come through and want he does in this book is a real eye-opener.

So glad I have the next book ready to go.

Professional Sin (Executive Toy Book 2)

Professional Sin (Executive Toy Book 2) - Cleo Peitsche The mystery of Cleo's past is really starting to get very interesting. A little more of it was revealed in this story but still not enough to really understand what drives her. I'm intrigued to find out more.

Hawthorne, Romeo and Slade are really starting to show more of their characterful traits. While they appeared to act as one single minded group in the first book, they are slowly starting to show individual traits. I'm liking this even more. I would like to know more about their past too. This seems like a very interesting story.

The ending was so cute and so unexpected from Hawthorne. I like surprises.

Executive Toy

Executive Toy - Cleo Peitsche I have never read anything by thing author before, yet I have downloaded a few free books of hers so I thought I would give one of them a try.

While at the start I was a little unsure about this story and where it would end up going (it's 6 books long, so there has to be some plot right?), it did start to pick up towards the middle of the book. From there I just couldn't put it down.

Yes some of the sex scenes are a little confronting but knowing this was an erotic office romance going into this I was expecting something. But what I got was something a little different and for that I'm unsure if it was helping the story line or not.

The men are all strong 'manly' business men and know what they want and go after it. While are main character Lindsay comes across as strong but shes' hiding a secret of some sort. And I would like to find out what it is. So I guess I'll be reading the rest of the books to find out this hidden mystery.

Sweetly Broken (Black Heart, #2)

Sweetly Broken (Black Heart, #2) - Michelle Congdon Sweetly Broken jumps straight back into the action. Emery hasn't seen Grandy since she left him into the hotel room. But that hasn't stopped her from trying to track down the people that are trying to kill her.

However the plot thickens when secrets are revealed about who Grandy really is. I did not see that one coming. I think when the author can keep me on my toes when reading, it just makes it that more interesting. Keeps me coming back for more.

I'm really starting to hate Caleb. What he did to that poor little dog; that was just cruel. He is one evil man.

It's good to see that some of Emery's past is coming back. I just that she is strong enough to handle to truth because she is one kick ass female lead.

But that ending nearly killed me *one-clicking next book*

Sweet Fury (Black Heart Book 1)

Sweet Fury (Black Heart Book 1) - Michelle Congdon This book had me gripped from the start. I just couldn't put it down and finished it in one sitting. Ok so it was short but still before I knew it I had finished and really have to read the next one to find out what happens now.

I don't read many books about female serial killers so this was really different. I really liked Emery. She just has this way about her. Except for some reason unknown to her, she just can't kill her latest victim.

Oh the secrets that are revealed along the way. So much happening, yet I loved it all the more for that reason.

The Voyeur Next Door

The Voyeur Next Door - Airicka Phoenix This story was a little slow for me at the start and I was a little unsure about whether or not I wanted to continue reading it. About 30% in I was ready to give up because I had pretty much guessed what was going to happen towards the end of the book.

Needless to say I keep reading because I wanted to know how Gabe and Ali figured everything out and whether it would all turn out for better or worse. The end of the story was more exciting than the start, but you need to read it to find out where the characters are coming from.

Overall an enjoyable read.

The Scene

The Scene - Roxy Sloane OMG!!! That ending was just... How could you do that to me. My heart is still racing. I kind of guessed what was going to happen, but still. The writing and the story just drew me in. I never wanted it to end.

I'm in love with both of the main characters and can't wait to read more of their story. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they seemed to really hit it off and there was still a 'real' element to their relationship. And let's not forget the sex. It's very fan worthy hot.

However I need the next book like now.

His Enemy's Son

His Enemy's Son - Iyana Jenna I was really enjoy is story and then before I knew it, it was over. It was way too short for my liking. This story felt like it was more an opening to the rest of the book or that it could have been fleshed out a lot more.

I did like Luke and Alex as a couple, even if it was a bit forbidden. The only this that I didn't like about their relationship was the insta-insta love. There wasn't enough development in their relationship for them to be even reaching the 'L' level. But that could just be me.

Overall it was an enjoyable quick read.

The Billionaire Bargain 3

The Billionaire Bargain 3 - Lila Monroe This was the perfect ending to this series. It wrapped up everything in a nice little packaged and gave me the ending that I was looking for.

Lacey and Grant are able to over come there difference and in the process were able to save the company from someone who shouldn't have been taking over the company in the first place. I never really liked this person and now I know why. There was always something about them.

Yet there is happy endings all round and everybody gets what they want.

Billionaire in the Dark

Billionaire in the Dark - Eden Claire This story may be short and the first part of a series, but man does it pack a punch. What's not to love about a story that has a bit of everything.

It did start out a little bit slow of me and I was going to put it down, but I just couldn't. I had to find out more about the main characters and what their back stories were. The flash backs really helped to understand Kylie and how she had come to be at the club in the first place. She didn't really strike me as someone who would be at one of those clubs, but hey looks can be deceiving as is shown by some one the secondary characters.

The main reason I just had to keep reading was to find out just who was the man in the mask. And no he is not the phantom.

But that cliff-hanger... Need the next book like right now....


Grey - E.L. James DNF @ page 20

So I saw it on the shelf and thought 'why not let's give it a go?'. I couldn't be more wrong.

It was just all over the place and the writing is still the same. As soon as Grey got a full background check on Ana, I was out of there quick smart.

This just isn't for me and I prefer to spend my time reading something worth while

Man Love Box Set

Man Love Box Set - Leigh Foxlee, C.J. Sneere Bad Boy Biker. Read July 2015. 4 stars
I've read MC romances. I've read paranormal. I've read MM romances. But I have never read a book with all three of these elements together. And for some strange reason it worked really well. I loved this story. It had just the right mix of all the above genres that I couldn't put it down. Plus this story is really hot. Probably one of the hottest MM romances I've read to date.

Bonus Story: Hans & Greg. Read July 2015. 2 stars
Short read that was an m/m take on Hansel and Gretel. Had some interesting twists and didn't see the ending coming.



Addiction - Misti Murphy, T. Lund Where to start? I really wanted to like this book more than I did. I felt that Bridie was such a strong female character in the first book. The way she was bossing her brother around and making sure he wasn't feeling sorry for himself showed she had something. And she did. Well at the start of this story she did. The more I read, the more I felt less of a connection to her. She just wasn't doing it for be by the end. It seemed like the author was writing about two different people with the one body. Could be just me thou.

I did like Drake thou. He was well put together and on the surface seemed to have everything together and knows what he wants out of life. However looks can be deceiving and who doesn't like to see a damaged hero recover from their demons. I just wished that he had ended up with the Bridie I fell in love with from the first novel. But they seemed to fit well together.

Compulsion: Magnetic Desires

Compulsion: Magnetic Desires - Misti Murphy, Page Curl The way compulsion is written is a little different to the stories that I have read recently and I really enjoyed it. It starts in the present with flash back to how the story all came to the point where the reader joins the story. Then each chapter is the same with the present scene and another flash back. It may seem a bit stranger but it worked at really well for this type of story.

I really enjoyed Orion. I think my heart broke for him and the struggle that he had to go through. He has to watch his best friend fall in love with one of his friends and then later attended their marriage. It was pure heartbreak and he never really get over it. Sometimes I wanted him to just move on but other times I really wanted to see if love really can conquer all.

However I didn't really care for Clo. She just wasn't doing it for me. My only wish is that I was hoping that she would change or grow on me but she never did. Pity really because she was a major let down to an otherwise really enjoyable story.

What Janie Wants

What Janie Wants - Rhenna Morgan I was really getting into this story and the characters, but the ending was a little bit of a let down for me.

I was really looking forward to reading this, as these stories seem few and far between with the female been older than the man. This is still taboo even in today's day and age. So there I was reading away and so focused on what was happening that I didn't even realize that the story had finished. I felt there could have been more done for these characters. I'm left hanging to know if they will get their happy ever after in the real world.