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Compulsion: Magnetic Desires

Compulsion: Magnetic Desires - Misti Murphy, Page Curl The way compulsion is written is a little different to the stories that I have read recently and I really enjoyed it. It starts in the present with flash back to how the story all came to the point where the reader joins the story. Then each chapter is the same with the present scene and another flash back. It may seem a bit stranger but it worked at really well for this type of story.

I really enjoyed Orion. I think my heart broke for him and the struggle that he had to go through. He has to watch his best friend fall in love with one of his friends and then later attended their marriage. It was pure heartbreak and he never really get over it. Sometimes I wanted him to just move on but other times I really wanted to see if love really can conquer all.

However I didn't really care for Clo. She just wasn't doing it for me. My only wish is that I was hoping that she would change or grow on me but she never did. Pity really because she was a major let down to an otherwise really enjoyable story.