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High Strung - T. Gephart What's there not to love about this book? I loved every single thing. It was such a joy to read from start to finish.

Dan and Ash were just perfect together. They really knew how to get each other going. Dan doesn't care what the world or anyone else thinks and wants Ash. Yet Ash is more cautious and has a life plan that she believes will get her what she wants. Yet is can't stop Dan and his over-the-top ways and love always surprises as when we least expect. Yet it is never easy for the mismatched couple.

Dan is just too good. I loved him to bits. Some of the things he says are just way out there and he is not shy to say what is on his mind. I swear I had people looking at me strangely when I started laughing out loud while reading High Strung.

Ash is also a strong female. I like that it book girlfriends. It's nice to see for a change. They stand up for what they want and not just become a 'doormat' for the guy.

The story line and plot flow very smoothly and before I knew it the story was over. Will be checking back for the next one in the series.