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Gothic Art

Gothic Art - Jasmine Becket-Griffith I’m a big fan of the arts, thou a have no real talent myself. I guess that’s the beauty of it. I have no artistic talent and always wonder in amazement how they could possible do that. Some of the images that appear in this book I have seen before and had no idea that they were considered gothic art as such. The wonders of art!

The book is divided in to a range of different section, but overall it is still classified as gothic art. The sections are femmes fatales, men in black, gothic elegance, industrial goth, lurking horror, dark fantasy, creepy creations and grim comics.

Some of my favourites are:

Lucrezia Navarre by Benita Wincler (www.eeanee.com)

Sometimes they leave fingerprints by Gracjana Zielinska (www.vinegaria.com)

3 by Leslie Ann O’Dell (www.shyble.com)

Black widow by Jason Juta (www.jasonjuta.com)

Bride of lucifer by Kuang Hong (www.zemotion.com)

Go to avalon by Xiao-chen Fu (www.krishnafu.com)

Taslisman by death by Martin McKenna (www.martinmckenna.com)

The wait by Myke Amend (www.mykeamend.com)

Master and mistress by Camille Kuo (www.camilkuo.com)

Mistress by Camille Kuo (www.camilkuo.com)

Dread the fallen by Samuel Araya (www.samael.epilogue.com)

Birthmark by Erlend Mork (www.erlendmork.com)

Birch by Kuang Hong (www.zemotion.com)

Broken heart by Krisgoat (www.krisgoat.com)

Trio by Laura Yanmei Law (www.yanmei.com)