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Tease - C.D. Reiss "Jonathan was master of my nudity, my positions, and my orgasms. and the first screw of the evening should have satisfied any normal woman for the night, minutes after it was done, I wanted him again."

OMG is it possible for a book to get even better? Yep it can. Tease continues on from where beg finished.
With Johnathan gone all Monica can think about is what they did together and the undeniable pleasure it brings. It is messing with her life. However in a good way. Also Kevin, Monica's ex is back in the scene. This makes for some interesting confrontations.
Johnathan is a little all over the place and I don't know whether that makes for a good read or not. One part I just wanted to hold him, then the next slap some scene into him.
Jessica, his ex-wife, is the same. Although I'm putting her down us a bit a a bitch and someone that likes to get her own way. Can't believe what she did to Monica at the end of the book. (you must read it because I ain't giving nothing away)