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All In

All In  - Raine Miller Ethan Blackstone is all in. So in love with the second book in the Blackstone affair.

All In begins where Naked left off, however it is in Ethan's point of view. Life is not easy for Ethan after he destroyed Brynne's trust. Yet he is willing to do anything to get her back, and get her back he will. Upon renewing their relationship again, new rules are laid out by Brynne; she must always know the truth to truly trust Ethan. Ethan will do anything to keep his beautiful American girl by his side.
With threats against Brynne, the Olympics and everything thing else on Ethan's plate danger is just around the corner. However he never seems to lose his cool and manages to keep everything together, except his past.

All In must be read after Naked. No exception.