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Pleasure's Edge - Eve Berlin Pleasure's edge follows erotic romance author Dylan Ivory on her quest to discover more about the BDSM lifestyle for a more realistic feel for her new book. After some brief research she is introduced to the man of the hour, Mr Alec Walker. However instead of the interview she had planned, he issues her with a challenge; to be his bottom to discover the lifestyle instead. Not one to back out of a dare, she accepts. Hence the beginning of something fun and very dangerous for her heart.
Alec Walker is pure Alfa male and makes Dylan feel like a woman really in love and protected, rather than the one doing the protecting all the time.
Like all good romance stories, things happen along the way and the characters learn things about themselves from each other.
I don't normally read BDSM novel, as they can be a bit heavy and can drown the story for me, but I really loved pleasure's edge and will be continuing the series.