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Real  - Katy Evans I had read a lot about this book and how good it was. So why shouldn't I give it a go. Well I wasn't disappointed. From the very start I loved everything about this book; the characters, the plot and the setting.

Real is the first book in the real series about Remington Tate (Remy, Riptide) and Brooke Dumas. Remy wants Brooke from the very first moment that he sees her in the crowd at one of his underground fights and he is always one to get what he wants. Instead Brooke thinks that he only wants to hook up and next thing she is working for him. That must suck so much. Yet slowly their relationship goes from being professional to something more personal.

However along the way Remy's past slowly comes to light and why he behaviours the way he does is revealed in vivid colour.

Real is about what happens when you let go of everything and just follow your heart. I really liked this book and will be onto the next one soon enough