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Beast, Part II

Beast, Part II -  'Ella James' Couldn't wait to read this after finishing the first part. So I just had to read it straight away.

Part 2 is a lot darker than the first part, and I think I like it more because of that reason. It seemed more grown-up and a bit more developed than the first part.

There are some more characters introduced in this part of the story. Everyone seems to have a role but they only wear it as a mask really. How they are and what they do seem to be two different things in this story. The is a lot of mystery sounding some of the characters and plot points. But I good like a good mystery. The ending is killing me about now (read for yourself to read out more)

The attraction and intensity between Beast and Belle is H.O.T. And so of the sex scenes are just... well lets say they are not for the faint hearted.

I need part 3 like now, like yesterday now. I need to know whats going to happen to my favourite Beast.