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Wildcard: Volume One

Wildcard: Volume One - Missy Johnson People have been telling me for a long time now to read a Missy Johnson book and I'm sorry I should have listened to them sooner. This was so good. The writing and the story flowed so easily I never wanted it to end. But it did and now I have ti wait for the next one, which by the way I will be reading. Must find out what happens next.

Started this story not knowing much about it and maybe that's the best part of all. I like going into books blind; more enjoyable that way.

Ryder is such a bad boy in every way. He started off a little cocky for me and I didn't think that he would grow on me. I was afraid I would have to put the book down. But I keep going. I thought he was going to end up with a certain chick, then bam - nope I was so wrong. So didn't see that happening. He meets a chick just by reading a fan mail letter from an angry fan. Hehehe thought that I was quite clever there really.

As the book progressed I began to like Ryder more and more. Then the end of the novel due near and I totally fell in love with him, only to feel sorry for him. I can't believe that happened and then nothing. I felt for him and now I need more of this mans story.