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Debt Inheritance (Indebted Book 1)

Debt Inheritance (Indebted Book 1) - Pepper Winters Noooo this can't be happening. There has to be more, maybe I missed something. *flicks back a couple of pages* Nope it really does end there. How could you do that no me? How am I suppose to sleep now? I'll be forever wondering what happens next.

I've never read anything by Pepper Winters before and have been looking for a new dark romance author since I haven't found many that I truly love. Man why haven't I read any of her books before?

I started Debt Inheritance before going to bed and couldn't put it down til I had read the last page. It just sucked me in and I had to keep reading more. Where Winters comes up with these idea I will never know, but she has a new fan in me.

Jethro is so bad, twisted and deadly evil and yet somehow I still loved him. Sometimes his facade cracks a little and that's when we get to see something else, but very often.

Nila really has know idea how the world outside of fashion works. At times I felt sorry for her sheltered life. I know her father may have been protecting her, but I thought he should have let her live if he knew what was coming.

The story is modern but I was surprised by the mix of a more classical world. Yet it worked so perfectly. Of course Jethro would come from power, wealth and an old world. But wasn't expecting the MC club element to be present here. The diamonds were a nice touch.

I'll be sticking with the Indebted series til the end. This is my new dark romance love affair.