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Promises Hurt

Promises Hurt - Elle Brooks Upon starting this book I was a little nervous and I had a right to be. It was starting out to be another typical high school romance new adult novel. Nerd girl meet and falls for the hot guy, who is not what he seems or makes out to be.

Yet I was so wrong. I was not expecting the first twist to come. It just came from nowhere and I was thrown. For then on in I knew I was in for something totally different.

Ethan and Blair couldn't be more different, yet strangely they just seemed to work. And it was an instant opposites attract kind of love either. They really had to fight for each other and work for what they wanted. All secondary characters were also well thought out and fitted well within the story.

The plot flowed smoothly and before to long I had finished it and waiting for the next one in the series.

Elle Brooks debut novel is so much better than expected. I LOVED IT.