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Tasting The Boy Next Door

Tasting The Boy Next Door - Katy Baker "Don't let my daughter manipulate you because she'll have you running around after her like an idiot given half the chance"

Rich parents leave their daughter to look after the house for a month and have asked the next door neighbour to help out with a few things. This doesn't sit well with Melissa, so she will show him something. Little does she realize that the geek she knew is now hot. Surprise, surprise. So did not see that coming
"Beach bum? Melissa thought. Hardly. The way his shirt hugged his rippling fame made him look more like some bronzed Adonis from Greek legend. Not that she was going to let him know that, of course. He was still the enemy after all"

Of course the fighting starts and one thing leads to the next til they are both naked.

I would have linked for this to be longer. If a want to know more I have to get the next book. Don't know about that. But it was good for a quick hot read.