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Promised - Jodi Ellen Malpas NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!! This can't be happening. This is why I shouldn't start another series by one of my favourite authors when I can't go onto the next book. Why do I do this to myself? Yet I couldn't just leave it alone on the shelf either. It was just begging to be read. Now I'll be a mess until I can get my hands on the next book.

Also NNNNOOOOOO to the ending. Jodi you're killing me. So did not see that coming. Loved the book to bits, but the last 10-15% of it was just mind blowing. So many things happening that I just couldn't put it down. So many surprises.

However YYYEESSS to the character and the story. Loved it to pieces. All of the characters were perfect, complimented each other, yet also stood on their own. The story just flowed perfectly.

I'm missing it already. The next one can't come quick enough for me.