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Royal Blood: (Royal Blood #1)

Royal Blood: (Royal Blood #1) - Amity Cross I have no words. This book was everything that it promised and so much more. Amity has really out done herself with Royal Blood. I loved every single minute reading it.

It was dark and gritty and really showed you the darker side of life that some people live or are forced to live. Take the authors warning seriously. There are no hearts, flowers and happy unicorn lovers in this story. What you will get is two strong will people, who have been dealt a shit card in life and making the most of it. To find love or a connection is something of a miracle. But love can strike us in the strangest of places.

While the leading man is part of the Royal Blood MC, it is not a major part of the story. It's just where the characters are from and you don't receive any real insight into the clubs going-ons.

'X' is more a hitman for the club, rather than a true blood brother. He has been conditioned by the club to act out there hits, that's until Mercy Reid shows him that there is another side to life. For some reason Mercy gets under X's skin and it's destroying everything that he has built up over the 8 or so years at the club.

Yet Mercy has a secret of her own. She is not who she says is she and doesn't let anyone get close to her. Yet X inserts himself into her life. Together they will help each other through the darkness that is trying to consume them.

I was a little disappointed that the secret was revealed a little early in the story, but somehow it worked itself out in the end. It was drawn out to the point it was so obvious. It was dealt with and then and characters could move on to the next part of their lives.

If you want a dark romance with a hint of bikers and suspense in the mix, Royal Blood is the way to go for sure.