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Snapped - Ketley Allison I love it when a book starts with a glimpse of the end of the story. If it's done right, I'm hooked on a series straight away and Snapped was no different. The first chapter is about an event that happens in the future and it is very intense and I was instantly drawn into the story.

However after that first chapter, the story started to fall away for me. I sort of lost interest in it and didn't care where it was going. But I keep reading hoping it would pick up again.

There is a lot to take in; plenty of characters get introduced, relationship established and surroundings explained. Yet in all this there is still a mystery to each character, that I can see getting explained as the story develops over the duration of the story.

Towards the end of the story and mystery element becomes clear and some characters were at one I thought they first appeared to be. Will be reading the next one to discover more of this story.