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Vintage Volume Two

Vintage Volume Two - Lisa Suzanne What an ending! This story couldn't have ended any other way; it was just perfect.

Vintage 2 begins from the end of Vintage 1; right into the action. Nothing has been left out my the author with the reader left guessing what happens between the two books. I like that.

Roxy and Parker could be anymore perfect for each other. After everything that they go through to get to where they are and then to go through more before they say 'I do'. They have a really strong bond and this is shown in everything that they are put through by the mystery threat that is hanging around their lives.

Oh and the secrets that are revealed. I didn't see some of them coming but did made the story so much better because of it. There were even a few sections were I started to tear up. The author really made me feel with this book.

Team James Forever!