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Vintage (Volume One)

Vintage (Volume One) - Lisa Suzanne Overall I really enjoyed Vintage. It something a little bit different to the usual rock star meets girl and they fall in love romance.

The prologue was very well done and what draw me in to read more. How could someone leave a note like that; it explains so much without really giving anything away either. I wanted to know more about the character who leaves mystery notes like this.

How Roxy and Parker meet is something else all together. I really liked that scene in the music store. It takes a strong woman to speak her mind to a musician. But then again Roxy has been surrounded by musician all her life growing up the daughter to a music god.

The first half of the book was more about the developing relationship between Roxy and Parker, and while all is good I couldn't wait for the suspense to start. Then it was there and I couldn't put the book down. Lie were told, secrets were revealed and yet the danger is still there. I needed more. Maybe the next book will have more answers.

Oh and the ending... can't wait for the next part now.