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Cupid - Jade Eby, Kenya Wright OMG!!! Cupid was so addictive that I just couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. The plot, characters and story line were so perfect that I never wanted it to end. Yet it always does and now I'll be forever waiting for the next for.

I can't believe I have never read anything by either of these authors before. I will be before checking my out now.

Right from the very start Cupid had me captivated. I was curious as to how the book got it's name. It's not every day you read a 'dark' romance named after something so happy. Yet when it is explained in the book it makes so much sense.

I love during the story that we got to see how both Cupid and Diana were thinking during certain situation. Their thought processes really had to the story for me and provided some humour along the way. It's nice to see how a character act and thinks in though situations.

I just couldn't get enough the this book. Please hurry along with the next one.

Cupid many not be as 'dark' as some of the other dark books that I have read but it still deals with some disturbing themes. You have been warned.