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Dragonfly Awakening

Dragonfly Awakening - Jaycee Ford I absolutely love Paul and Ellie's story. They overcome ex-boyfriends, best friends, miss communication and timing to finally be together. After everything that they go through it was nice to see them end up together, happy in each others arms.

Sometimes I felt like yelling out them to make up their minds and let the other know how they really felt instead of just running away because it was the easy option. However true love is never really easy.

Paul is just the sweetest cowboy ever and Ellie is so sweet-hearted. They made one really cute couple.

It was good seeing how this story fit in with the events in the first book. I loved how it filled in some of the gaps and made me love Tom and Jordan more seeing through the eyes of the other characters. Most of is book overlaps with the first one, so some parts felt a little repetitive. But I still enjoyed it.