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The Billionaire Bargain

The Billionaire Bargain - Lila Monroe The Billionaire Bargain was a good start to a new series and while I felt it was a little slow to start off and get going, it did pick up towards the end. Clearly the pace must off changed to my liking if I end up finishing the story.

Both of the main characters, Grant and Lacey, were really great together. They sure did have their moments. Some of the exchanges and conversations sure left a smile on my face.

However some parts felt a little forced or were a bit predictable that I just wanted to skip over them all together. Could I do without reading them? Maybe, but I still read them anyway just in case I missed some small details for later in the story.

I will be checking out the next part. There is no way you can end of the story there and not find out what happens next.