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Sociopath: A Dark Romance

Sociopath: A Dark Romance - Lime Craven Where to start? This book is not at all what I thought it would be. I was expecting something a little different and for that reason I am left wanting more. It wasn't as dark as some other books that I have read, but in saying that it is still no 'hearts-and-flowers' love story either. Yes there is a love story in this dark twisted world.

I felt that the story was a bit slow, yet for some reason I keep waiting to read to find out what would happen next. I really can't explain it. The story was still gripping enough to keep reading despite the pace the story was going for me. Maybe because it was in the male POV and I don't get to read many of them.

Oh the definitions at the start of each chapter were also something different by the author and very entertaining. It gave a great insight to the story and characters.

The main character, Aeron was an interesting one to say the least. There was just something different about him that I wanted to keep reading to discover his secrets. And what a secret it was. Totally didn't see any of the ending coming. That was a nice little surprise by the author.