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Naughty King

Naughty King - Michelle A. Valentine Oh man! What can I say that will do this book justice. I just don't have the words. Everything about this book is spot on. Nothing was out of place and I loved everything about it.

Alexandra, the naughty king, is one determined guy who goes after everything that he wants. Failure doesn't seem to be an option for him.

However Margo, the feisty princess, is exactly the same. Nothing stands in her way and she is determined to stand up to Alexandra and not be the 'doormats' that he is use to dealing with.

When these two clash, man was there fireworks going off everywhere. I loved reading all of their exchanges. It was just so entertaining.

Plot, story line and secondary characters were also great. Can't wait to see more from everyone and is waiting to find out were everything will go from here.

Oh and that ending. It's going to kill me til I can get my hands on the next installment.