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Second Debt

Second Debt - Pepper Winters Pepper Winters has done it again. Second Debt totally destroyed me and everything that I believe Jethro was. In this book we finally get to see a bit more of the 'real' Jethro and how he came to be. Yet it is only a little bit, Pepper won't give you everything at once. And for that I want to hate her. But how can you hate an author who keeps giving you five star reads? I just can.

This only be the second debt of five, but by god I don't think my heart could take anymore. It was pure torture just reading what the characters were going through, let alone having to actually do the debt.

Second Debt was more of an emotional look at the Jethro and Nila and how they were developing their relationship despite everything. I don't know how they get up each day. knowing it may be there last. I just couldn't do it.

Another cliff hanger ending. I knew it was coming but still the way it happens is always shocking. I want to throw my kindle out the window. But then I think how will I read the next one? So I keep it by me and pray that the next one in the series comes soon enough. I need more right now.